A opinion paper about patton

American military commander, memoirist, historian, nonfiction writer, and poet. Nicknamed "Old Blood and Guts," he was known for his flamboyant manner, his often crude or impolitic public statements and actions, and his decisive leadership as a commander.

A opinion paper about patton

His operations impressed us enormously, probably because he came closest to our own concept of the classical military commander. He was very bold and preferred large movements.

A opinion paper about patton

He took big risks and won big successes. He created for himself a larger-than-life persona, earned the admiration of the GIs who served under him, and died relatively young after winning one of the greatest victories of the war.

Patton was, deservingly, lauded in the postwar years by his fellow victors; former adversaries contributed their reflections on the man who seemed to have their number during the final months of the war.

One piece of the Patton story, however, is pure myth: For a while the Germans watched the comings and goings of Patton like rubbernecked spectators following a tennis ball at Wimbleton.

Eisenhower, commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, ordered Patton to whip the corps back into fighting shape.

Likewise, the immediate postwar accounts of the German commanders in Tunisia, written for the U. By then, Patton had already left the corps to prepare for the invasion of Sicily. Patton simply had not yet done anything particularly noteworthy in their eyes. Nevertheless, the Germans waged a skillful step-by-step defense and, untroubled by any energetic pursuit on the part of the Allies, withdrew to the Italian mainland in good order and with all of their heavy equipment by August The Axis powers had known before the landings on Sicily that Patton was in command of American ground forces in the western Mediterranean, and knew he led Seventh Army on Sicily.

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Patton’s Flaws General George Patton in many ways was an exceptional military leader who understood the most basic idea of a successful military leader, attack and kill the enemy to be victorious.

He wasn’t without flaw though, his ability to understand the objectives of a campaign wasn’t sharp and his use of his staff to assist him in. (Full name George Smith Patton, Jr.) American military commander, memoirist, historian, nonfiction writer, and poet.

General George S. Patton, Jr.

A opinion paper about patton

commanded United States tank forces in World War. CARL V. PATTON, et al., Defendants, J. L. ALBERT, proceedings consistent with this opinion.

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General George S. Patton Jr. died on December 21, , as a legend, praised even by his defeated opponents. German general Günther Blumentritt, a key planner of the invasions of France and Poland, wrote in a study for the U.S.

Army after the war, “We regarded General Patton extremely highly as.

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