Advantages of multipurpose river valley projects

Introduction of river valley projects The purpose and aims of these projects. Some important river valley projects in India.

Advantages of multipurpose river valley projects

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Advantages of multipurpose river valley projects

Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Projects labled as multipurpose generally refer to a water retention system which is used to a generate electricity, b act to prevent water shed flooding, c provide irrigation, d naviagation e habitat improvement and f improve fishery populations.

However, in most cases the "e" and "f" are fictions that people are told but do not occur. These projects also generally displace hundreds of not millions of people from very fertile land thus reducing the productivity of these people.

They take away their livelihood and their homes of many generations.


This of course has both human and environmental impacts. Flood control, power generation, water for irrigation, industry and human consumption, recreation, fishery, and many others uses. So do the benefits out weigh the cost. Most countries building these massive projects seem to think so.

They do produce lots of benefits, the most important of which is energy. However, if you consider the Aswan High Dam in Egypt which prevents the Nile from flooding yearly, the power generated by this massive dam is used to make fertilizer.

The lake behind the dam is also silting up at a rate 2x what was thought to be so the useful life of the reserviour will be less then years. There are a lot of considerations which must be reviewed before such a project is undertaken and if it is not done properly, the value of the project is greatly reduced.

Unfortunately, there are time when this negative information is intentionally suppressed to get the project passed when it should have been stopped before it was built.

Today many old dams are being demolished because they failed to achieve the expected goals. Water resource management including irrigation, water for human consuption, flood control and others, Disadvantages:Multipurpose river valley project are basically designed for the development of irrigation for agriculture and electricity through the construction of dams.

. The multipurpose projects are: 1. Damodar Valley Project 2. Bhakra-Nangal Project 3.

Advantages of multipurpose river valley projects

The Hirakud Project 4. Top 10 Multipurpose Projects of India. Article shared by: Bhakra-Nangal project was one of the largest multipurpose Indian projects, constructed over the river Sutlej. From the constructional point of view, indeed, erection of.

Q.2 (iii): Compare the advantages and disadvantages of multipurpose river projects.

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Answer: The various advantages and disadvantages of multipurpose river projects can be compared as follows. 1) multipurpose project affects the natural flow of water. 2) it cause the excessive sediments at the bottom of the river which makes stream beds rockier. 3) it causes the poor habitat of aquatic purpose projects causes no migration of aquatic fauna/5().

Aug 15,  · A multipurpose river valley project could mean many things.

What are advantage and disadvantage of multipurpose river valley project

One that comes to mind is a dam at the top of the valley to produce energy and also have a fish ladder to let fish navigate the entire river and also for flood control as we have many dams in my area for all of the above Resolved.

Mention the advantages and disadvantages for Multi Purpose Projects. or Call me PURCHASE. Mention the advantages and disadvantages for Multi Purpose Projects? The advantages of multipurpose projects are: 1.) They help in storing water at large amount which can be used for agricultural and other purpose.

Multi-Purpose Projects: Merits and Demerits