An overview of the economic crisis by looking backwards made by edward bellamy

The first two phases of quantitative easing brought enormous gains to the stock market.

An overview of the economic crisis by looking backwards made by edward bellamy

The Algebraist Iain M. Not part of Banks's Culture sequence, although it's a space opera which overlaps in various ways with the Culture universe. In terms of economics, it's notable for its reputation currency kudos used by the Dwellers.

Bribing creatures who found the concept of money merely amusing tended to tax even the most enterprising and talented arbitrageur. The Dwellers clove to a system in which power was distributed, well, more or less randomly, it sometimes seemed, and authority and influence depended almost entirely on one's age; little leverage there.

Alternatively, every now and again a species would attempt to take by force of arms what those involved in Dweller Studies attempted to wrest from the Dwellers by polite but dogged inquiry. Force, it had been discovered - independently, amazingly often - did not really work with Dwellers.

They felt no pain, held their own continued survival and that of others, given the slightest provocation to be of relatively little consequence and seemed to embody, apparently at the cellular level, the belief that all that really mattered, ever, was a value unique to themselves which they defined as a particular kind of kudos, one of whose guiding principles appeared to be that if any outside influence attempted to mess with them they had to resist it to the last breath in the bodies of all concerned, regardless.

The problem was that to the Dwellers all professions were in effect hobbies, all posts and positions sinecures. This tailor that Y'sul and the City Administrator were babbling on about would have had no real need to be a tailor, he was just somebody who'd found he possessed an aptitude for the pastime or, more likely, for the gossiping and fussing generally associated with it.

He would take on clients to increase his kudos, the level of which would increase proportionally the more powerful were the people he tailored for, so that somebody in a position of civil power would constitute a favoured client, even if that position of power had come about through a lottery, some arcanely complicated rota system or plain old coercive voting - jobs like that of City Administrator were subject to all those regimes and more, depending on the band or zone concerned, or just which city was involved.

The City Administrator, in return, would be able to drop casually into just the right conversations the fact she had such a well-known, high-kudos tailor. Obviously Y'sul had had sufficient kudos of his own to be able to engage the services of this alpha-outfitter too.

An overview of the economic crisis by looking backwards made by edward bellamy

People further down the pecking order would have employed less well-connected tailors, or just got their clothes from Common, which was Dweller for, in this particular case, off-the-peg, and in general just meant mass-produced, kudos-free, available-as-a-matter-of-right-just-because you're-a-Dweller.

Kudos makes for some interesting comparisons with Cory Doctorow's Whuffie, Karen Lord's social credit, and the trust "currency" of Michael Swanwick's millies.Instead, read Equality by Edward Bellamy -- absolutely brilliant, and an easy read. Bellamy literally wrote the book on how to explain socialism to Americans, over years ago.

No book has had a comparable impact in the US. Etymology: The Origin Of The Word. The etymology of 'cunt' is actually considerably more complex than is generally supposed. The word's etymology is highly contentious, as Alex Games explains: "Language scholars have been speculating for years about the etymological origins of the 'c-word'" ().

The idea was that the “wealth effect” provided by an inflated stock market would both enable and encourage people to buy houses, new cars and other “big ticket” items – .


A keen observer of women's barbarian status in the role of vicarious consumers, Veblen is among the first feminists that recognize and appreciate women's potential to participate in human evolution and to work rightfully as functional producers.

Finally, the global economic crisis has undone the many gains that have been made by globalization and hence there are renewed calls for protectionism and for erecting trade barriers in .


Piketty and the Crisis of Neoclassical Economics. by John Bellamy Foster and Michael D. Yates this reality describes all of the developed capitalist economies and can be seen in a trend going back forty years, or indeed longer.4 Over roughly the The Great Financial Crisis of – and the Occupy Wall Street uprising punctured this.

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