Animal farm compare and contrast napoleon and snowball essay

The farmer--the czars Napoleon--Stalin: Perhaps the better leader of the farm would have been Snowball, but Napoleon drives him out and afterwards scapegoats him for all the farms problems. Snowball represents Trotsky, who Lenin intended to replace him as leader, but who was driven out by Stalin. I don't know if there's a direct comparison for the rest of the pigs, but i suppose they would simply be the people in power who supported Stalin--Squealer probably has a direct representation which i don't know about, but suffice it to say that he is the minister of propaganda in Russia.

Animal farm compare and contrast napoleon and snowball essay

These similarities and how writer George Orwell expresses them will be discussed in this paper.

Animal farm compare and contrast napoleon and snowball essay

Animal Farm is an allegory using the character Napoleon to represent Joseph Stalin. To begin, both figures shared the same historical background and rose to power in a parallel manner.

Jones of Manor farm, Stalin and Napoleon were subject to weeks of starvation, inapt support and were completely disregarded by these big-headed figures Britannica, This was made evident on page 7 of the novel when Mr.

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However, they both rose from this situation through controlling their roles as politicians, regardless of how unimportant they seemed to be. As time went on, their defeat of other leaders and twists on truths to control citizens made this connection of character history and traits very clear Britannica, Trotsky and Snowball, were both destroyed by Stalin and Napoleon in order to improve their own public images.

These media cover-ups allowed Stalin and Napoleon to execute actions that sacrificed the masses in the expense of an undoubtedly successful development. While the similarities are obvious, how Orwell chose to write them opened up new doors to understanding what these characters represent source.

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Both of which are features that paint him in a negative way. Firstly, the fact that Napoleon is a pig should suggest personality features associated with this animal symbol Schmoop, Secondly, calling the character Napoleon refers to the French Revolutionist and Military officer, Napoleon Bonapart http: By using this sort of name readers are immediately reminded that Napoleon is a violent pig that only wants to expand his empire.

With this and the examples above he is illustrating Napoleon in such a way to easier understand the immorality of his character, or really Stalin, as a whole.

During his rule of the USSR, Stalin was widely seen as a cruel leader who would eliminate anyone who got in his way, and millions of people who refused to cooperate with him were executed as a result History.

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Much like Stalin, Napoleon used violence against his people to control Animal Farm. One example of this can be seen when Napoleon trains the puppies not for their own education, but so that they could protect him and kill anyone who stands in his way.

Another trait of Joseph Stalin that can be seen in Napoleon is Napoleon turning against his own allies for his own benefit. Following this task Joseph Stalin then turned on his two associates from the three-man committee. In the Novel, Napoleon turned on Snowball, a pig Orwell used to represent Leon Trotsky, and banished him from the farm after an argument on whether a windmill should be built.Animal Farm Compare and Contrast; A Pages: 3 Words: This is just a sample.

We will write a custom essay sample on Animal Farm Compare and Contrast specifically for you. The windmill in the book gets knocked down and Napoleon blames Snowball for it, in the movie Frederick knocks it over which does not make sense because Frederick.

These pigs are Napoleon (the ruthless leader of Animal Farm,) Snowball (the smooth talking pig,) and Old Major (the creator of Animalism.) Joseph Stalin and Napoleon will be compared together on how they are alike, Leon Trotsky and Snowball will be compared, and 4/4(3).

Mar 02,  · Napoleon--Stalin: Napoleon creates a personal army of dogs (the KGB/Secret Police) and thus gains absolute control of the farm (Russia). Perhaps the better leader of the farm would have been Snowball, but Napoleon drives him out and afterwards scapegoats him for all the farms Resolved.

Napoleon is a secretive plotter that works behind the scenes and someday plans to eliminate Snowball as a rival. For example he secretly trained the guard dogs .

Animal farm compare and contrast napoleon and snowball essay

This free English Literature essay on Essay: Animal Farm by George Orwell is perfect for English Literature students to use as an example.

Old Major, starts the idea of change and begins questioning authority. Orwell did not speak about Napoleon or Snowball when the mayor, Old Major, speaks to all the animals to start this change and to.

Animal Farm Compare and Contrast. Napoleon and Snowball, from the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, share many similar and different character traits when compared together.3/5(12).

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