Biography of ronaldinho

Nel si mise in luce nella formazione della sua scuola: Il 16 febbraio firma il prolungamento di altri tre anni e passa in prima squadra. Nel fu eletto FIFA World Player of the Yearriconoscimento assegnato dalla FIFA al miglior calciatore del mondo secondo i voti dei commissari tecnici e dei capitani delle Nazionali di calcio iscritte alla Federazione calcistica mondiale. A fine stagione vinse il suo primo campionato spagnolo con il Barcellona.

Biography of ronaldinho

Aristedes Maillol,Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, July, ; appeared in the and World Cup series. Sidelights Soccer fans around the world consider Brazil's Ronaldinho one of the sport's greatest contemporary players. Beloved by fans and teammates alike for his easygoing, ego-free demeanor, Ronaldinho is fond of quoting his father, who died when he was eight.

To Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl, he repeated words of advice told to him by his parent: And on the field: Play soccer as simply as possible. He always said one of the most complicated things you can do is to play it simple. The youngest of three children in his family, he was immersed in soccer at an early age: Ronaldinho played street soccer at an early age, and loved to dribble the ball for as long as possible because, he explained to Justin Webster, a writer for London's Observer newspaper, "If you're playing for five hours you don't want to score goals all the time.

But now I understand what he wanted. The elder son returned from training for a family gathering to celebrate both his eighteenth birthday and his parents' anniversary, but came home to find his father had suffered a fatal heart attack while swimming.

Ronaldinho was just eight years old, and has often credited his brother for stepping in to serve as a father-figure for him after their loss. Roberto's own athletic career would be cut short by injury.

At age 13, Ronaldinho became a local legend for scoring 23 goals in a single game, one that ended with a tally. He scored one of the seven goals in the final against Venezuela.

Europe's top soccer clubs often recruit South American players, offering them immense salaries. Ronaldinho was also wooed by several leading clubs, including Arsenal F. He followed his brother's suggestion to sign first with a lesser club—in order to take some of the stress out of a transition to the European game—and joined Paris Saint-Germain F.

He spent three seasons with the French club, and continued to appear with the Brazilian national team in international tournament play.

During the World Cuphe was part of a formidable trio known as the "Three Rs"—Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Rivaldo—who helped Brazil win the title that year, and his yard kick that landed in the net during the quarterfinal against England was one of the event's highlights.

Brazil beat Germany for the title that year,but both of those goals were scored by one of the other Rs, Ronaldo.

InRonaldinho announced he was ready to leave Paris Saint-Germain, and a heated bidding war for his professional commitment ensued. He was courted by two of the best teams in Europe, F.

Barcelona and Manchester United, and signed with the Spanish team on July 19, His arrival in the soccer-mad city was a major event, with 25, fans turning out to welcome him. FC Barcelona's performance in recent years, however, had been lackluster, and the team had not won a major title sincewhen they won the national title.

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Biography of ronaldinho

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Biography of Ronaldinho: Ronaldinho Gaucho is not only a football player, he is the idol of millions of fans who see in him the embodiment of the “beautiful game” of Brazil, football made with art that delights big and small. Biography of Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – 5 Skills that proved he is the greatest Football Magician (1) After bursting onto the scene following this freekick against England in the World Cup, Ronaldinho paved the way for the emergence of Magic in football.

During Ronaldinho's first season with Barcelona, the team finished second in La Liga, the Spanish national league, but Ronaldinho's stellar performance earned him the FIFA World Player of . The flamboyant Ronaldinho has mesmerized fans around the world with his incredible soccer skills.

Biography of ronaldinho

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