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The satirical papyrus at the British Museum Satirical ostraca showing a cat guarding geese, c. Figured ostracon showing a cat waiting on a mouse, Egypt One of the earliest examples of what we might call satire, The Satire of the Trades[70] is in Egyptian writing from the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC.

Clockwork essay orange

Burgess expresses the idea that man can not be completely good or evil and must have both in order to create a moral choice. The book deals upon reforming a criminal with only good morals and conditioning an automated response to "evil.

This is the case with the character Alex, a juvenile delinquent introduced into prisonization then conditioned by governmental moral standards. This lack of personal moral choice imposed upon Alex creates conflicting situations in which he has no control over.

This is apparent when trying to readjust into society. As conflicts arise within the spectrum of criminal justice the main focus is revolved around the corrections aspect of reforming the criminal element.

Within the confines of the seventies Londoner. The character, Alex is created as the ultimate juvenile delinquent leading a small gang.

Clockwork essay orange

Living within his own world the use of old Londoner language and attire reflect the non-conformity with society. Let loose within a large metropolitan, Alex is engulfed in the affairs of several criminal practices, from rape to aggravated assault.

As a juvenile delinquent, Alex is finally caught and seen as an adult offender. Like all offenders he promotes his innocence and sets blame upon his companions. Where are my stinking traitorous droogs? One of my cursed grahzny bratties chained me on the glazzies.

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Get them before they get away. It was their idea, brothers. They like forced me to do it" Burgess Betrayed by his cohorts Alex is beaten by local officials and confesses to all the crimes.

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As a point to retribution a sergeant states, "Violence makes violence" Burgess 80 and proceeds to through Alex back into the cell.

All the while Alex detests the treatment and conditions of the local jail, " So I was kicked and punched and bullied off to the cells and put in with about ten or twelve other plennies, a lot of them drunk" Burgess Unlike the fair treatment of most juveniles Alex was finally getting the taste of adult corrections, being held in a drunk tank along with other felons.

Faced with the reality of prison life, Alex is introduced to prisonization by the same system which incarcerated him. Showing him one must be tough and violent to survive within the penal system. The term prisonization refers to the effect when an offender is subjected to the culture, morals, rules, and values of a penal institution.

Then this is inscribed into his or her own behavior and deems them fit as a norm. This is the case involving Alex when he must prove his worth in a correctional institution by beating a fellow inmate.

I fisted him all over, dancing about with my boots on though unlaced, and then I tripped him and he went crash crash on the floor.

I gave him a real horror show kick on the gulliver" Burgess Although being brutal deems fit for Alex, he realizes that only repentance and good behavior in the eyes of the officials can release him from the jaws of justices.

So in order to be viewed as a reforming criminal Alex turns to religion. As the prison minister clearly states, "Is it going to be in and out of institutions like this, though more in than out for most of you, or are you going to attend to the Divine Word and realize the punishment that await the unrepentant sinner in the next world, as well as in this?

Through religion Alex soon becomes a model prisoner, externally, yet internally still willing to do anything to get out.

Clockwork essay orange

This also included experimental rehabilitation methods done by the state. Being a juvenile in an adult prison one would have the urgency to be released as quickly as possible. To be chosen, this meant constant pressuring and questioning to the officials, plus showing that he is trying to reform.

You will, if you continue this manner, earn your remission with no trouble at all" Burgess He finally realizes a new way to get out and questions the proceedings. However the minister has doubts about the medical treatment techniques involved in forcing a person to be morally better.

He brings up the question of what makes a real moral person. The question is whether such a technique can really make a man good. Goodness comes from within, Starting an essay on Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange?

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