Communicate with spirits through writing a cover

Since the early days of Spiritualism, automatic writing has been accepted as a way for trance mediums, and sometimes ordinary people, to receive communications from the spirit world. Man has always longed to communicate with the spirits and thanks to the founding of the Spiritualist movement, he now had a method of doing so.

Communicate with spirits through writing a cover

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Communicating With Spirit Guides Through Writing [ Home ] [ Site Map ] [ Forums ] [ Blog ] Communicating With Spirit Guides Through Writing Spirit guides are non-physical beings, whose experiences qualify them to be of assistance to you, and who try to guide you through life to help you fulfill the purposes for which you are living.

An important consequence of the existence of these guardians is that it implies that every person can receive communications from spirits. Why would people have spirit guides if they couldn't be guided?

If spirit guides can influence you, how do they do it? Usually, your guardians don't appear and talk to you face to face, so they must influence you through your mind.

Spirit guides don't force us to follow their advice. Some people are so attached to their own ideas, desires, and ego that they are unwilling to consider anything that contradicts their attachments.

In these cases people can ignore guidance but that doesn't mean that they are not receiving it. Most of the time you perceive guidance as an idea that comes to your mind but you don't recognize that it is from outside yourself. However it is sometimes possible to learn to recognize these communications and to improve your receptivity: To learn to do this, try this exercise every day at the same time of day: Sit down with the intention of writing about important issues or questions in your life or issues or questions of spirituality that you have an interest in.

These are the types of topics that spirit guides try to help you with. One would expect that they would try to guide your thinking as you write about these subjects whether or not you are intentionally trying to communicate with them.

Begin with a short prayer asking God to watch over you, protect you, and guide you. The Lord's Prayer is excellent for this purpose.

Then start writing, on paper or at a keyboard. Continue for twenty minutes or so. Do not practice more than an hour a day.

communicate with spirits through writing a cover

The changes that will occur in your experience of this will occur over a time period measured in years. Do not expect astounding results immediately. Do not do anything suggested by this writing that you would not do under ordinary circumstances.

Do not get carried away and consider every idea that comes into your head a divine revelation making you infallible.

If you like what is written and it makes obvious sense then accept it at face value. If you disagree with it then reject it. As you write try to maintain a detached state of mind.

Don't judge what you write while you are writing it. You can judge it later when you are done. Resistance or doubt interferes with your receptivity. Just write whatever comes.

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Accept silly stuff you think you might be making up - remember you are looking for gradual changes over a period of years so in the beginning don't expect profundity or expertise.

Also, the communication may come in the form of ideas not a series of words, in this case it is your own mind that puts the ideas into words, so there may be a very good reason why it might seem like the writing is coming from your own mind.

Sometimes you may start off with something that seems silly but as you go on it winds around to something profound. If nothing comes to mind then sit and meditate until thoughts begin to arise. Don't put pressure on yourself to perform. If you really don't like what is coming through then don't write it.

If you do this practice daily over a period of years you may gradually become more aware of when you are being guided. It is possible that rather than sensing a presence, you may just notice subtle changes in the characteristics of the style or mechanics of writing that indicate you are being influenced.The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams Since then I have come to realize that an ability to communicate with spirits and hear their answers is a natural thing.

We would easily accept that one spirit can communicate with another. such as communication with spirits, through believing it to be beyond their reach.


What we believe, forms the. Another way you can talk to the dead is through spirit writing, also called automatic or ghost writing. This type of spirit communication is more prone to attracting bad spirits than is communication through Tarot cards or candle flames, so remember to stop immediately if you get an uneasy feeling.

How to Communicate With Spirits Safely. by Tanaaz. 10 Comments. such as a loved one who has crossed over or through a particular space such as in your home. Pendulums are a great tool for beginners and are far less intimidating than automatic writing or ouija boards.

Automatic writing can be a very effective way to communicate with ghosts. But, it’s the riskiest of all methods. You open your mind and body to ghosts and spirits. Communicating With Spirit Guides Through Writing. A Natural Method of Communicating With Spirits.

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Others believe that perhaps the spirits may also communicate by forming messages in the mind of the medium, which reproduce on the page. Through automatic writing, mediums have claimed to produce messages from famous persons in history, deceased authors and even classical music .

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