Lady gaga songwriting analysis paralysis

To begin our study, here is a basic formal analysis of the song: Harmonic Analysis The clever part of this chord progression is that though the verse is in minor, switching to major for the chorus, all the chords actually come from one key: The benefit of a verse in minor with a chorus in major is obvious: The added benefit of using chords that can all be tied back to one key offers a harmonic connection that works like a musical glue.

Lady gaga songwriting analysis paralysis

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Henry Morgan humorist — Henry Morgan was an American humorist. He strenuously objected to the professional name Morgan, what was wrong with his own name, Henry van Ost, Jr.

Too exotic, too unpronounceable, he was told, what about the successful announcers Harry von Zell or Westbrook Van Voorhis.

But it was no use, and the bosses finally told Henry he could take the job or leave it, thus began a long history of Henrys having arguments with executives. Inhe was offered a daily minute series on Mutual Broadcasting Systems flagship station and this show was a minute comedy, which he opened almost invariably with Good evening, anybody, heres Morgan.

In his memoir Heres Morgan, he wrote that he devised that introduction as a dig at popular singer Kate Smith, I, on the other hand, was happy if anybody listened in. He mixed barbed ad libs, satirizing daily lifes foibles, with novelty records, Morgan stated that Jones sent him his newest records in advance of market dates because he played them so often.

He repeated his performance in the December production of the play and he also targeted his sponsors freely.

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Old Man Adler demanded a retraction on the air, Morgan obliged, I would wear them to a dogfight. Morgan later recalled with bemusement, It made him happy and his usual signoff was, Morganll be here on the same corner in front of the cigar store next week. He continued to target sponsors whose advertising copy rankled him, and he is alleged to have said of his sponsors Oh Henry.

Candy bar, Eat two, and your teeth fall out. When Eversharp sponsored his show to promote both Eversharp pens and Schick injector razor blades, Morgan threw this in during a show satirizing American schools and he also altered the companys Schick injector blade slogan Push-pull, click-click to Push-pull, nick-nick.

I claimed that if the manufacturer would give me all those centers, Morgan remembered later, I would market them as Morgans Mint Middles, dunning has noted that Morgan also started describing his mint middles flavors as cement, asphalt and asbestos.

The Henry Morgan Show received a Peabody Award Special Citation of honor fortrue to his iconoclasm, he satirized his sponsors during the short run of that show as he had so often done on radio. Veteran radio announcer Ed Herlihy, a friend of Morgan, remembered him to radio historian Gerald Nachman, He was ahead of his time and he was so brilliant that hed get exasperated and hed sulk 2.

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lady gaga songwriting analysis paralysis

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lady gaga songwriting analysis paralysis

He has brought his progressive and innovative point of view to brands including Subway Restaurants, P&G, Liberty Mutual, Fidelity Investments, Brother International, Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and many more. Where else can you eat the best barbecue in the world, watch more than a million hungry bats ascend into the gloaming above the Ann W.

Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, hear amazing music every night of the week, and behold Lady Gaga covered in vomit as part of a SXSW show? Arnold Stang (September 28, – December 20, ) was an American comic actor and voice actor, whose comic persona was a small and bespectacled, yet brash and knowing big-city type.

In fact, Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" seems to have been almost entirely responsible for EMI's placement anywhere close to the other three label groups.

Hits has more analysis. (registration. First, the lyrics here are identical to those in the chorus (which has the side benefit of really letting the listeners learn them so they get to belt them out alongside Lady Gaga when the climax hits), and secondly oh, Lady Gaga, you naughty lady.

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