Managing change in british airways

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Managing change in british airways

Passengers would be rewarded with frequent flying benefits with either of the airlines. Change is inevitable in every business organization, be it old or new, small or big Mrashak, In order to stay abreast with the changing environment-economic, social, political and cultural, every organization constantly tries to adopt change.

There might be several types of changes- structural, organizational, changes in planning, formulation, execution, objectives, services, expenses, etc. Infact, the more flexible the organization, the better it Managing change in british airways adapt to change.

It is imperative that change management is properly understood and implemented by the people involved in the business. Its success is largely a function of the nature of business, the type of change and the people.

This model can help to suggest a framework that could be followed by the airline company. Although, there are several other models that could fit well too, this model allows a better understanding due to its simple and generic nature. The model is based on the unfreeze- change- refreeze structure.

This can be exemplified as follows- if we have a block of ice which we want to shape into a conical structure, we first have to unfreeze the ice, change its shape and refreeze it. It must be divided into stages.

In the early stage it is important to identify the particular change along with the cause of it. This is a lesson which British Airlines must learn for.

Managing change in british airways

Due to the economic crisis, it went for severe losses and instead of a systematic change, it adopted severe cut down measures. This led to chaos and turmoil in the organization which was uncalled for. BA had decided to cut down staffing levels on long haul flights and had also cut down perks of the staff.

This had caused several walkouts and had cost the airways around million pounds. It was the unfreeze stage which BA failed to carry out. The motivation stage had not been generated within the organization.

The organization must be made fully aware of the current situation and clearly explained why the existing system cannot be continued. This can be done by presenting before them facts and figures such as the falling sales, revenues and profits.

BA had become one the most troubled airlines with lack of punctuality and good quality services. The organization must be able to understand their role in the whole functioning of the business.

The core must then be targeted and the attitude and value system must be challenged. Just as the foundation of a building must be rock solid in order to support the entire structure, so must be the foundations of the business. It is this stage of change that is the most difficult.

BA failed in this step itself when it began downsizing prematurely. Employees were caught unexpected and they had not absorbed the change. It came to them as very sudden which led them to revolt. What was required was that they were to be given some time to re examine things and under the situation from their perspective.

This would kindle a motivation within them and it would make them more participative with the change rather than rebellious. Once the organization has absorbed the need for change and is prepared the change must be executed.

Contact British Airways Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax Captain Harben had been approached by the Derby Corporation to run a new aerodrome under construction near Burnastonwhich was planned to eventually become an airport. Military flying training continued at the airport throughout the war.

New methods of doing things must be adopted. Their beliefs and attitude are now redirected towards the new direction. Although, it might take a long time for the change to take place. It would take time for people to accept the required change and start acting positively for the change.

Apart from downsizing, BA must have brought about a series of positive changes. It had faced a lot of competition from low cost airlines.Qatar Airways Privilege Club home page. News and updates Introducing an enhanced member experience.

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