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Jump To Comments Orin Smith never sought the limelight. But once in a speech to about 6, Starbucks employees, the soft-spoken CEO used his last moments on stage to deliver a big message.

Orin smith

His wife Janet and family members were by his side. He was raised in Chehalis, Washington and graduated from W.

West High School in Orin attended Centralia Community College, then graduated with a B. Upon graduating from Harvard, Orin considered a career in academia, but he soon moved on to other career paths. His business career began at what is known today as Deloitte, where he ultimately ran the Northwest Consulting Practice.

Orin was offered an opportunity to join the Starbucks executive team in He later became President and COO. In he became President and CEO until he retired in Under his leadership Starbucks experienced unprecedented expansion.

Orin smith

During his years at the helm, Starbucks grew from 45 stores to over 10, stores in 33 countries. While at Starbucks, Orin not only helped the company grow, but he also made it one of the worlds most recognized and celebrated brands.

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He helped shape and create the Starbucks culture and its ethic of uncompromising commitment to people on the planet. For those of us fortunate enough to have worked with Orin, I can tell you that the pain of his loss is being felt as strongly as the joy of his presence. Personally, Orin taught me what it means to lead and to live with humanity.

His influence will be with me always. A few that were meaningful to him were: Fortune Magazine named Starbucks one of the "10 Most Admired Companies in America" in, and one of the " Best Places to Work in America from — Orin played a significant role in America's rethinking of the way that employees and customers are viewed and treated.

He believed that the pursuit of short-term gains was very limiting in business. This resonates in every culture around the world.

Orin smith

Our principles and the culture they were built on, in my view and many others, is the reason for our great success", said Orin in an interview two years ago with UW Foster Business School.

Orin was very involved as a Director of Conservation International which he partnered with in the 's to develop best practices for cultivating coffee and tea in a way that treats farmers fairly and protects the biodiversity of the fragile and fertile growing regions.

He joined their board in and served on the Executive Committee for many years, chaired the Governance Committee, and led the search for their leadership transition. Today the organization works to protect the environment and humanity of 25 countries.

Orin was the catalyst for the wonderful partnership CI created with Starbucks.

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A few weeks ago my wife and I flew to Wyoming to spend time with Janet and Orin. I cannot tell you how much he has meant to us. The harshness of death is its finality. Fortunately, the memories and values and closeness of our friends are just as permanent. Orin is with us forever.

I will always miss his wise counsel, but I'll miss his friendship most of all.

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Orin lived with great purpose, he acted with impeccable integrity, and he treated everyone with endless kindness. An unabashed Disney fan, he helped lead us through a transformative era of growth, ensuring we'll continue to entertain the world for generations to come.

Orin's presence was a gift in the lives of everyone who knew him; but, today my thoughts are with his beloved wife, Janet, and their family, who feel his absence most of all.Orin C.

Smith, 74, is retired and was President and Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks Corporation from to He joined Starbucks as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in , became President and Chief Operating Officer in , and became a director of Starbucks in Orin R.

Smith was chairman and chief executive officer of the Engelhard Corporation from to He joined Engelhard as vice president in , became president in Prior to joining Engelhard, Smith served as president of M&T Chemicals.

Orin C.

Smith, former Starbucks chief executive officer, was known for his wit, generosity, deliberate decision making and quiet, steadfast leadership, especially during a time of explosive growth at the company. “Orin Smith was a beloved friend, mentor, and leader whose deep compassion, fierce determination, patient wisdom and personal humility is forever embedded into the culture of Starbucks and.

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“Orin Smith was a beloved friend, mentor, and leader whose deep compassion, fierce determination, patient wisdom and personal humility is forever embedded into the culture of Starbucks and imprinted into the hearts of all who knew him and called him family.

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