Rich dad poor dad essay

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Rich dad poor dad essay

Using money to make money is more likely to generate success. Using assets to generate wealth is likely to generate financial success. This is the principle in which my group is is based upon. Kiyosaki explains money does not calm your fears when desire forces you to spend. You have to avoid the trap.

Rich people often have a fear of losing it all.

[1947] Born with Something to Prove

A job is a short term solution to a long term problem. You must master the power of money. When the donkey drags the cart with the carrot on a stick in front of him, the driver is getting where he wants. What intensifies fear and desire is ignorance. To spend your life in fear and never exploring your dreams is cruel.

Just as in my business of MJM Productions. Instead of looking at how much certain ventures will cost, we must look at the posibilities which will occur as a result of that venture. Money does not calm your fears when desire forces you to spend. Therefore it is essential that the accumulation of money does not blind me and my cohorts from our prime objective of empowering ourselves.

Think long-term and ask yourself: You often go into a restaurant and see a lot of things done wrong. Because he is too busy working IN the business instead of ON the business.

This had to be the most influential and empowering passage. When one is engrossed in improving the business One must know the difference between an asset and a liability. Rich people acquire assets; the poor and middle classes acquire liabilities. Liabilities include a fancy boat, a fancy car and a fancy house.

These drain your cash.

Rich dad poor dad essay

Liabilities add to your expenses because they have to be supported financially. An asset is a stock portfolio that pays dividends and grows or a rental property that generates positive cash flow. It adds to your income. Focusing on your skills of building a better hamburger, or being a better dentist or better accountant is not the answer.

You need to develop the skills of selling and delivering the hamburger or whatever you are selling. The main management skills needed for success are the management of cash flow. I have found this to be essential in order to hava a the management of systems, including yourself and time with family the management of people.

Sales and marketing skills - the ability to communicate - are the most important of the specialized skills.This past June, when BellaNaija ran the story of Rotimi Williams, a year old enterpreneur who owns the second largest rice farm in Nigeria, the - Anne M.

November 6, Sharon Lechter is an author, international speaker, CPA, CGMA, and philanthropist and the founder/CEO of Pay Your Family First. Lechter coauthored the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, as well as fourteen other books in the Rich Dad series, and has released two bestselling books in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold and Outwitting.

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This summary of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki lists the key lessons on how to escape the "rat race" and achieve financial independence.

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