The advantages and disadvantages of industrialization

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The advantages and disadvantages of industrialization

There where new inventions, ways of producing goods, and techniques in trade and agriculture that changed the world.

The advantages and disadvantages of industrialization

It caused major migrations from rural areas to big cities, due to all of the new oppurtunities that emerged in those areas. The way that people lived and the way businesses run where forever changed during this period of time. Just like a coin, there are two sides to everything.

The Pros of The Industrial Revolution 1. More Efficient Production Inventions like the steam engine helped to streamline production of many goods. This reduced the time and labor that was involved in creating the things that people needed everyday.

Advantages and disadvantages of industrialization essay

Cheaper Prices Along with making production processes more efficient, the Industrial Revolution also resulted in dramatically lower prices for goods.

This was due to the shortened amount of time needed to produce goods, as well as the costs saved for labor. Major Increase In Job Opportunities Factories began to pop up everywhere during this time, which needed employees to run and manage them.

This created tremendous job growth and also provided the opportunity for new products and inventions to be designed and produced. Spectacular Motivation, Changing The World With all of the new and innovative things that began to emerge out of this time period, people became more motivated and educated than over.

Some of this include the light bulb, the telephone, and X-rays. Improved Quality of Life All of the modern inventions and the amount of wealth that was brought into the cities greatly improved the way that people lived.

Health care, education, appearance, and nutrition all began to get much more attention than previously. The Cons of The Industrial Revolution 1.

A Loss Of Farming There was much more money to be made in the cities than in the rural farming areas. This caused many people to abandon their farms and move to the industrial centers. This made the amount of farmed foods scarce for a long period of time. The Beginning of Pollution Before all of the factories came about during the revolution, there was no major sources of pollution to the water and air in the world.

The pollution never stopped after this time and continues to contaminate our air, land, and water. Working Conditions In Factories Factories quickly became all about profit. The working conditions for the large amount of people working these factories where extremely poor.

They where forced to work extremely long hours with few breaks and little pay in order to maximize profits. This resulted in stress related illnesses, the spread of disease, and death through out the factories.

One of the biggest inventions of this time was the assembly line.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of industrialization

The Luddites where groups of people that where opposed to the technological changes during the Industrial Revolution. Some third world countries in places like Africa, have yet to experience an Industrial Revolution.

The economic system, Capitalism, was created during this time. The steam engine, light bulb, telegraph, X- ray, telephone, calculator, and anesthesia where all invented during the Industrial Revolution.The major disadvantages of industrialization was the change in farming methods, culture of the farm town, and potential industrial collapse when the community has a single industry.

Traditional rural leaders especially clergy become much less influential.

The advantages and disadvantages of industrialization

Rural squalor is replaced by better homes affordable because workers are more productive. Electricity and roads needed for factories also power homes and make it easier fo.

The Industrial Revolution was a mixed blessing. It had both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages (i) Centre of economic life shifted from the villages to cities and towns where the factories were situated.

(ii) Urban (cities) and rural (villages) life became dependant upon one an­other.


Isolated life of self-sufficient villages came to an . Advantages of industrialization Large scale of production In growing country, there are developing the industrialization, and it resulted in the . Important Facts About The Industrial Revolution; The Industrial Revolution began in Britain.

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