The history of service management marketing essay

The costing is based on the foundation of premium portion as target customers. PUMA as a brand codes high top quality. While these needs a second trip for the countries to come and grab the shoes, it allows PUMA to give you a much wider selection than the companies. The players and other famous sports activities personalities are always taken as brand ambassadors.

The history of service management marketing essay

Nowadays, the world is changing so fast in any aspect - the economic environment, the demands both of the customers and the investors. The competition is so severe and it actually makes things happen. Every day new ideas connected to advertising, distribution and selling of a product are being developed.

Therefore in order to be successful, profitable, to develop itself and to prosper The history of service management marketing essay a whole companies should focus on constantly improvement of the quality, productivity and speed to market as well as innovation of the products and processes.

And last but not least, the attitude toward customers is extremely important. The management of strong customer relationships is maybe the key toward success.

The history of service management marketing essay

As a whole, Dior is operating on the mass market. And on the mass market, as it is known, there are no personal relationships. The main tool that can be used in order to build up the customer relationships is branding.

And Dior is a brand name. The whole idea of the branding is to make customers able to identify the product or the service and to differentiate it from the competitors. Once became a name, the brand communicates the quality.

But in order to prove itself on the market, very often the company, the producer, etc. Therefore, the value of the brand, in fact, depends on the brand history. Christian Dior has long enough history.

The history of service management marketing essay

Started only as a fashion designer, Dior extended its production, adding different products as accessories, cosmetics and even handbags. Dior decided to extend its market, just because this brand has become so well known, with so many loyal customers, that the appearance of any new product will be fast accepted on the market and consumed by the customers.

This is because of the effect of the brand knowledge and the customer response to that particular brand. Any loyal consumer, wearing Dior clothes, shoes and earrings, would buy the Dior perfume as well.

And if a new product is launched on the market and this is the Dior hand bag, that respective customer will have it for sure. These are, somehow, the kind of relationships that the seller establishes with the buyer.

Brand awareness and brand image are achieved in order to be established the brand knowledge. And the more involved in the brand, the more loyal the customer will be.

However, the brand knowledge itself is not enough for reaching to the final step, meaning the behavioural outcome, which is the current and the future purchase. Brand relationship is needed as well. Satisfaction, attachment and trust are necessary in order to be established those relations.

They are the mediators of the behavioural outcomes. But it is extremely important, that a brand will not create any value unless it is credible. Credibility is also a key element in establishing strong relationships with the customers.

It should be also mentioned the brand congruency as a significant element from building the relationships.

The more congruence, the more personal relationship with the brand is settled. Of course this brand congruency could be measured by a lot of tests, surveys, etc.

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Of course the best case is when a popular person is loyal customer of a brand and of course this person is loved from a large authority. As a conclusion, the relationships that a seller, and particularly Dior, should build up with his customers should be always based on a successful branding.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Conduct a critique of the following service management ideas, theories, concepts and techniques, specifically with reference to their purpose, application and limitations and with regard to how these service management ideas, theories and techniques may contribute to the development of a successful business.

Controlling the service delivery process is more than a simple management issue. The customer's presence in the system means that the service process must be treated as a marketing issue. Conduct a review of the undermentioned service direction thoughts, theories, constructs and techniques, specifically with mention to their intent, application and restrictions and with respect to how these service direction thoughts, theories and techniques may lend to the development of a successful concern.

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