The ohio gang

What was the Ohio Gang? The Ohio Gang was a 'good ol' boy network' of old friends, campaign organizers and political allies of President Warren Harding. Many had supported his presidential campaign from Ohio and were given prominent posts in the Harding Administration. Who is most often associated with the Ohio Gang?

The ohio gang

Not many books have been written about Warren Harding. The Shadow of Blooming Grove is said to be the standard, but it's not easy to find or reputedly an enjoyable read, and at over pages I felt like it would be too much for the Harding chapter. The Ohio Gang is pages and written to be informative and entertaining.

It is certainly entertaining. The book begins by describing some of the p Part of an ongoing project to read one book on each US President, this one on Warren Harding. The book begins by describing some of the poker players in Harding's circle his so-called "Ohio Gang" before going into his biographical details.

It touches on every major event of his Presidency, although not in comprehensive detail. Harding's penchant for dirty dealing, womanizing, and gambling are apparent throughout. The chapters are titled for the disasters that follow: You get the impression that his cabinet members are more to blame for the dirty deals, many of which were done behind his back.

But you don't feel particularly sorry for him, as he either benefits or turns a blind eye.

The Ohio Gang

Some of the parallels to our situation today are compelling. I previously read and wrote about Wilson, the Democrat whose globalist legacy was stunted by the Republican Harding's nationalist agenda. But it goes deeper, as we get into the oil heads appointed to Harding's cabinet and some of the deals they brokered: It turned out [American oil businessman] Sinclair was after a lease on the oil lands in he southern half of the Soviet Union's Sakhalin Island.

Sinclair, Fall, and Archibald Roosevelt set off for Moscow. They negotiated an agreement without a hitch, almost overnight, for an awesome amount of Russian oil.

They signed the contract and returned to New York at once in the highest of spirits. There was only one hitch to the agreement. The Russians had made a strange stipulation: All Sinclair, Fall, and Roosevelt needed to do was to alter the foreign policy of the United States, and they stood to make hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fall did not lose a moment in starting to work. When his ship docked in New York, the secretary was greeted by newspaper reporters. How had he liked Russia? The Soviet Union, he declared, was not as bad as it had been painted [during the first red scare].Ohio Gang, in U.S.

history, a group of politicians who achieved high office during the presidential administration of Warren G. Harding and who betrayed their public trust through a number of scandals. Lately there has been alot of gang action going on here, especially the west side of Warren, but most of the gangs are brought by Youngstown Ohio.

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Warren Ohio is getting worse and worse as. Apr 08,  · and a T.C.

The ohio gang

Production presents a short documentary of Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron, and other areas of Northeast Ohio, with start of the black people in the Ohio . The Ohio Gang, an historical entertainment peopled with the characters of the day, follows Harding and his cronies from their Ohio childhoods to the smoke-filled rooms of the Republican convention and on to the White House.

Ohio Gang Fact Charles "Doc" Sawyer: Charles "Doc" Sawyer was from Marion, Ohio and was appointed as White House physician and was a close confidante of President Harding and a member of the Ohio Gang.

The Ohio Gang term evolved in the press in the years after the Harding administration and referred to men loosely associated with Harding’s attorney general, Harry Daugherty, who was from Washington Courthouse, Ohio.

The ohio gang
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