Theory x research paper

Theory X managers take a 'carrot and stick' approach when motivating subordinates. They assume that workers are inherently resistant to labor and will do all they can to avoid doing work so as to gain the maximum amount of profit for the least amount of effort.

Theory x research paper

Hire Writer They have a high need to be supported by the company, and highly value a working environment in which such things as family, cultures and traditions, and social institutions are regarded as equally important as the work itself. They have a very well developed sense of order, discipline, moral obligation to work hard, and a sense of cohesion with their fellow workers.

Finally, Theory Z workers can be trusted to do their jobs to their utmost ability, so long as management can be trusted to support them and look out for their well being. One of the best aspects of theory Z is the long-term employment which would appeal to Americans because they want job security.

The collective decision making will create a good work environment and increase productivity. Another great benefit is that the company will have holistic concern for you and your family. Threats and disciplinary action are thought to be used more effectively in this situation, although monetary rewards can also be a prime motivator to make Theory X workers produce more.

William Ouchi believes that people are innately self-motivated to not only do their work, but are loyal towards the company, and want to make the company succeed. Theory X leaders would be more authoritarian, while Theory Y leaders would be more participative.

But in both cases it seems that the managers would still retain a great deal of control. Theory Z managers would have to have a great deal of trust that their workers could make sound decisions. In the case of Theory Y, the manager would take suggestions from workers, but would keep the power to implement the decision.

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The workers have a great deal of input and weight in the decision making process. Conflict in the Theory Z arena would involve a great deal of discussion, collaboration, and negotiation.

Theory Z emphasizes more frequent performance appraisals, but slower promotions, while according to Theory X, appraisals occur on a regular basis.

Promotions also occur on a regular basis. How to cite this page Choose cite format:McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y Research Paper Posted on by Douglas McGregor put forward the ideology that managers should approach employee motivation using a system that falls in line with the characteristics of their employees.

Read this essay on Mcgregor's Theory Y. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Using the library and Internet resources, you are to write a –word research paper that compares theory X to theory Y in terms of management styles. McGregor’s Theory X and Machiavelli viewed human beings .

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Theory X and Theory Y Posted on March 21, by John Dudovskiy Theory X percieves employees to be lazy, irresponsible and untrustworthy, while according to theory Y employees are approached as one of the most valuable assets of the company. After years of research McGregor would define these theories as Theory X and Theory X.

McGregor developed these two theories based of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is a pyramid based on human needs when it comes to work and the working environment.

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Theory x research paper

Theory of justice essay langfristiger finanzplan beispiel essay war poetry essay introduction yale college admissions essays einleitung epischer text beispiel essay essay on time is precious in english. Water conservation essay ky3. The Relationship between McGregor's X-Y Theory Management Style and Fulfillment of Psychological The purpose of this paper is to trace McGregor’s X-Y theory and its relationship with fulfillment research.

Keywords: Theory X, Theory Y, Management Style, Psychological Contract.

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