Vodafone core competencies

Job Requirements Core competencies, knowledge and experience: Track record of solution design in a telecoms environment.

Vodafone core competencies

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Competency areas An introduction to selection criteria Our selection criteria allow us to identify the people most likely to thrive in Vodafone core competencies business environment.

Below are some examples of the competencies that you will need to demonstrate during our selection process. Explore Content Related topics 1: Communication A huge part of your role will involve working in teams and communicating with clients regardless of which service line you join.

This competency helps assess how individuals communicate. We are looking for individuals who are expressive, clear and concise and have the ability to quickly form relationships with others in a variety of situations.

Achievement of goals The commitment and motivation to succeed and meet objectives, both personal and business related, is hugely important within the firm.

This competency assesses drive and determination. We look for individuals who can demonstrate examples of persistence and energy when required to meet or exceed objectives or well-defined goals and also who respond well to pressure.

Commercial awareness This is the ability to demonstrate an interest in business and knowledge of any current issues that may be impacting your chosen field.

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Career motivation This competency is assessed throughout our recruitment process, from application to final assessment. We are looking for individuals who demonstrate knowledge of what a career in a professional services firm involves, particularly in your chosen field.

We also look for individuals who are able to explain why they have an interest in these areas. Planning and organisational skills We are looking for individuals who take responsibility for the completion of tasks and ensure that detail is not overlooked when involved in a project.

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You will also have good time management skills and will be able to prioritise tasks effectively. Adaptability The ability to adapt to change is hugely important in any organisation. Problem solving We are looking for individuals who can analyse, distil and solve practical problems, generate new ideas and make sound judgements in complex situations.

Vodafone core competencies

We also look for individuals who can demonstrate examples of motivating others towards a particular course of action. We are looking for individuals who can analyse, distil and solve practical problems, generate new ideas and make sound judgements in complex situations.Definition: Core Competence (Prahalad Hamel) CK Prahalad and Gary Hamel introduced the idea of core competence.

In their view, Core competence, is the unique strength of the firm that helps it to differentiate its products from the competitor’s products in the long run.

VODAFONE Case Study Lauren & Florian of diversification—the firm provides cell phone services• Simultaneous operational and corporate relatedness—Vodafone Group shares activities and transfers core competencies• Has economies of scale and size through horizontal acquisitions and partner network agreements.

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Key Roles and Core Competencies: • Account lead and client consult for global consumer tech brand * Assisting with successful new business (Vodafone) and client renewal (Veet, Clearasil, Party Feet, BlackBerry) pitches by both writing plans and attending proposal meetings.

An Analysis of Vodafones current strategic position. Introduction. An Analysis of Vodafone's current strategic position, and how Vodafone will develop these strategies in the future. To do this I have looked at Vodafone's strategies in terms of its marketing, competitors, their core competencies and capabilities, and resources.

Free Essays on Core Competencies Of Vodafone for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Employees are always under pressure to perform their best therefore it is imperative to define a set of core competencies which an individual should possess to do justice to his job at hand.

Competency mapping helps employees in clearly understanding what is expected from their job at hand.

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