Writing a song melody from heaven

On the surface this is purely a matter of preference.

Writing a song melody from heaven

You build the skeleton first, which can be a melody, and develop your song from there. Bones Like we mentioned, and in keeping with our anatomic analogy, you can start with a skeleton of a simple melody: You might stumble upon it while tinkling on your keyboard, noodling on your guitar, or it may just arrive, fully formed, in your head.

Muscle Go back to your melody a few days later and piece together a basic chord progression to accompany the melody on guitar or piano. You may have written the strongest melodic part for your new song, which should be the chorus, so begin to build a supporting melody for the verse and pre-chorus leading up to it.

Your pre-chorus, which usually functions best as something like a bridge, could begin at a non-resolving place like a IV chord and end with a V chord or some kind of leading tone walk-up or walk-down that helps intensify the payoff when you get to the chorus. Coming up with some lyrics might help you remember the rhythmic and phonetic structure of the melody, or they may arrive as a result of it — sometimes words just fit perfectly into rhythmic spaces — and that can be a big help.

As you build your recording, include extra measures at the beginning to give yourself a count-in. Now play around with some bass arrangements. If you have a MIDI keyboard or other direct-wired instrument set up, you can use whatever soft-synth basses are at your disposal or track live bass.

Whatever the process, these might be your final bass parts or you may ultimately replace them with live bass in a full studio environment. You can start to flesh out bits of the background with loops, rhythms, or arpeggios at this stage and see what you like, and maybe even compose some vocal harmonies in opportune sections.

writing a song melody from heaven

In the clip below, the live guitars and vocals were recorded later in a commercial studio, but are provided to show how they contribute to the composition. A bridge can be a crucial part of a song and can really be the place to display a breadth and diversity of melodic and harmonic skill, even if it only lasts for a few seconds.

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I love writing, and that includes song-writing.

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There’s just something about the combination of melody and lyrics. Music can inspire dreams because it puts wings on words. Melodies from Heaven Rain down on me Rain down on me Melodies from Heaven Rain down on me Rain down on me [Bridge] Take me in Your arms and hold me close.

May 08,  · I still can't believe all the miracles that took place in writing this song and putting this video together. Last year I received a message from a sweet girl named Dominique.

Melody is what keeps a listener interested the most that’s why something as ugly and dissonant as Soundgardens ” 4th of July” works so well, the vocal melody takes that song to perfection.


Thanks Graham for this great recording resource, provides food for thought which can work for any genre not just mixing techniques.

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